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Solveig Beyza Narli Evenstad

Solveig Beyza Narli Evenstad

Phone: +4790983283

Service Region: Norway

Company: Bonacenseo Solveig Beyza Evenstad

Language: English, Norwegian, French, Turkish

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Organizational communication, Leadership training

Solveig Beyza Narli Evenstad (1962) is a Research Associate at the SIC.Lab Méditerranée research unit at the Dept. of Communication and Media Studies (Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication) at the Université Côte d'Azur (Nice) where she earned her PhD and during which she taught various subjects in the field of communications for 4 years.

After her PhD, she worked as Associate Professor at the Inland University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer and at the Academy of Correctional Service in Norway where she taught various topics in the field of management, organization, and leadership. She has published in international journals on the subject of acceleration in work life, stress, burnout, and qualitative research. Dr. Evenstad holds a Bachelor's degree in Management (1985, Istanbul) and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (1988, Oslo).

She has worked with ICT in global companies for 20 years as ICT Director, Project Manager, Consultant and Developer. She did her Master of Management (2011, Trondheim) with specialization in "Relationship Management: Coaching, Counselling and Motivation". Thus, her expertise is in Communication, HRM, Organizational and Work Psychology, Organization, Leadership, and Digitalization) Transformation. She holds a systemic thinking and sustainability perspective in her (interdisciplinary) research.

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