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Rekha Kent

Rekha Kent

Phone: +254700478462

Service Region: Kenya, East Africa and Europe

Company: Redstone Consulting

Language: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Executive Coaching, Team and Leadership Development.

I have worked in learning and organisational development for over 20 years. What drives me is my passion to help people and organisations thrive and be successful. I do this through coaching, facilitation, consulting and writing. I have strong commercial and strategic experience, together with extensive global experience, having worked in India, China, Japan, Europe, East Africa, US and Canada.

I am creative with my program design and deliver impactful experiences for my clients, that lead to sustainable change. My coaching has led to positively transforming the lives of my clients, enabling them to thrive, be happy and successful. I am currently the founder and CEO of Redstone Consulting and my practice is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Some of the clients in my portfolio are Johnsons & Johnsons, SAP, Deloitte, PWC, JP Morgan, Grant Thorton, United Nations, Plan International and the Rockafella Foundation.

Human behaviour fascinates me and using tools such as LIFO to help drive self awareness and help people uncover their blind spots is so valuable.

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