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Lyn Paxman

United Kingdom
Lyn Paxman

Phone: +447950914328

Service Region: United Kingdom

Company: EvolveYou

Language: English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Helping founder led organisations/purpose led organisations to fully engage teams with purpose and values and translate into working practices.

Many organisations are started with a passionate vision and through hard work and relentless determination the Founder/s create a business. However, things change through growth or necessity and the vision & strategy need renewed focus, often with the involvement of a larger SLT.

I specialise in working with small to medium businesses and not for profits and help them to evolve an SLT who are all crystal clear and aligned with vision, strategy and culture. This means better decisions are made with clear accountable action. (This includes facilitating relationship with Boards/Trustees etc.).

We find a way to embed ways of working which ensure vision stays at the forefront of everyone’s activity throughout the organisation without losing what makes your organisation unique.

This strong foundation means greater commitment and accelerated results.

I also work with more established large organisations, helping them to engage their leadership team with the organisational purpose.

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