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Danitsja Bulatoff

Danitsja Bulatoff

Phone: +31628560869

Service Region: Netherlands

Company: Danitsja

Language: Dutch

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site)

Expertise: Improving internal communication, body language, leadership development, coaching, building teamwork, personal development, mentoring.

Danitsja Bulatoff is a personal trainer/coach for competence- and personal leadership development. She is intrigued by social interaction, group dynamics, participation and the motivation behind the behavior of people.

Graduated as a Social Worker, people always have been taken a central place to Danitsja. She is driven to help them give direction to their ambitions, dreams and goals. For assistance in this process she works a lot with horses, because of their great reflective abilities.

Using their refined sensibility, focused on body language, horses provide direct feedback on your communication, your attitude, your authenticity, your form of leadership and the way you interact with others.

As a prey the horse finds it`s safety within the herd. The herd is a social community with a clear pecking order, roles, rules and a code of conduct. As a herd animal, horses have to make themselves subordinate to the highest interest; survive. For them it is essential to have clarity at any time about who is in charge and who follows. Certainty and trust is therefore necessary.

What is distinctive about working with horses?

  • The feedback you receive as a participant is very pure and striking
  • The feedback of the horse will be easily accepted by the participants
  • In short time you obtain deep insights
  • Learning through experience is one of the most powerful forms of learning
  • You can experiment with a new attitude and/or behavior
  • It is truly an experience you will not soon forget so the participants can easily recall their insights (participants call it a metaphor)

Themes which equine assisted coaching has proven effective:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team dynamics
  • Team effectiveness
  • Increase self-knowledge
  • Create and maintain contact
  • Indicate boundaries
  • Balance between strength and feeling
  • Give and take space

The lIFO® method combined with the equine assisted coaching ensures that the participants experience the effect of their attitude and behavior on their environment. An experience so powerful that it will not be soon forgotten

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