Tools For Understanding Individual Differences Through Organizations
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Tools For Understanding Individual Differences Through Organizations

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Tools For Understanding Individual Differences Through Organizations

Several assessments and applications are being used to help managers and HR members evaluate and develop employees. Recruiters are now referred to as the “talent acquisition team”. Companies are increasingly investing time and resources for the purpose of boosting the productivity, mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Personality tests are a common strategy used by employers in order to increase team effectiveness and create happier employees.

Some of the common personality tests used today include:

  • Myers-Briggs: Myers-Briggs type indicator is a test that can be used both in the workplace and for individual use. Through a series of questions, this assessment measures whether an individual is extroverted or introverted, whether they have a sensing preference or an intuitive preference when it comes to processing information, whether they prefer to make decisions by thinking or feeling, and whether they have a judging or perceiving preference about how they do things.
  • DISC: another increasingly popular personality assessment. DiSC measures: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.
  • HEXACO Model: This is typically administered online for free. It is based on the Big-5 and measures honesty, humility, emotionally, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.
  • LIFO Methods: The LIFO Survey is a self-reporting assessment that identify individual preferences of how to think and get things done, as well as how to receive or deliver information. It is a practical application of behavioral science that allows to see how to operate more effectively in various situations. Together with the LIFO Method, it promotes individual and group productivity by providing effective strategies for increasing efficiency and influence with others.

Online tools include:

  • WorkStyle: WorkStyle measures each employee’s personality through a range of personality tests, such as the Jungian Type indicator, the occupational intelligence scale, the Big-5 and the DISC assessment.
  • Winslow: Winslow is a tool that measures personality, behavior, and attitudes of employees or potential employees. It measures 24 traits across four categories: interpersonal traits, dedication traits, organizational traits, and self-control traits.
  • Traitify: Traitify captures meaningful personality data in minutes. Traitify offers two personality tests: the ‘career discovery’ test, which takes just 90 seconds to assess how well an applicant's personality is suited for the job role, and the ‘employment fit’ test that is based on the Big-5 and assesses how well a potential new hire will perform in their possible role before you employee them.
  • Virtu: Virtu aims to gather an understanding of each employees’ values, which will then allow you to design better teams, based on these shared values and goals. Virtu discovers what drives an employee, what their needs and desires are and analyses an employee’s creativity, balance, and stability. Also, Virtue prides itself on no long surveys that people get bored of.


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