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Towards a Self-aware Organization

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Towards a Self-aware Organization

Most people, as well as organizations, believe they are self-aware. In fact, self-awareness is a truly rare quality. The real experiences show that neither people nor organizations are as self-aware as they believe they are.

While organizations face a lot of challenges and problems, the most prominent problem organizations face is “not knowing” what they don’t know. Blind spots, assumptions, and overconfidence hinder the performance of both individuals and teams. But the good news is that self-awareness can be nurtured and the organizations can dramatically benefit from it if they start taking it seriously.

This short book will give you insight of:

  • What is self-awareness and organizational awareness
  • How self-awareness can lead to better individual & organizational performance
  • How to understand ourselves and our team better
  • What leaders can do to improve team's self-awareness
  • ... and more
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