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How to Utilize Valentine’s Day to Promote Employee Engagement

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

How to Utilize Valentine’s Day to Promote Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is all about how employees feel towards the organization, are they emotionally connected to the workplace, company goals, their leadership, and coworkers.

Valentine's Day is the best occasion to effectuate the emotional side of your employees. It is the best occasion to show motivation and encouragement, have a fun time, and celebrate together.

Here are some ideas to help you get the best out of Valentine’s Day with your teams:

Valentine’s outfit
Ask all employees to attend to the office dressed in red. If you have a formal dress code you can execute his day and make it a casual day.

Cupcakes and cookies
Sharing food always brings people together. Buy everyone specially designed valentine’s cupcakes or cookies. If anyone in the team can make them at home t will be much nicer.

Free hour
On this day employees can arrive at work one hour late or leave one hour early.

Office decorations
Fill the office with red balloons, flowers, posters, and any other cute decorations related to the event. You can also ask employees to participate in the decoration process.

Candy bag
Noting elevate the mood like candy. Imagine how happy your employees will be if they found a bag full of candy on their desks this morning.

Fortune love messages
Ask each employee to write an appreciation message to a random team member. Gather all the messages, shuffle them and ask each employee to pick his fortune message.

Bring a nicely decorated notebook and ask each employee to write a page or more about their memories with the team.

Secret cupid
Just like a secret Santa. Anonymously set coworkers up with another person in the office and set a gift price limit. Everyone then buys a gift that's perfect for their unsuspecting recipient, and they are given a gift from their own secret cupid.

Celebrating valentine might be a little bit harder when your team is working remotely. We gathered some ideas that will help you make the best out of technology to create fun and love for your employees.

Create e-cards
Use simple design applications like Canva to create valentine's cards for everyone.

Send appreciation letters
This small gesture will make a nice impression and will cost you nothing but some time, and writing skills.

Create a photo collage
Use photos of your team members to create a photo collage or video and mix It with some valentine animation and music.

Send them gifts at home
You can use a courier company to deliver special gifts, or you can order anything online and ship it directly to their homes.

Zoom gathering
Host an online gathering where everyone can get dressed in red, decorate his room in valentines’ decorations. They also can use valentine related backgrounds or filters.


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