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Engage Your Employees in Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 11, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Engage Your Employees in Valentine's Day

Employee engagement became one of the major buzzwords in recent years, especially during the Covid and post Covid world. The tough times we are all surrounded with requires leaders and organizations to put extra effort to create happiness at work, and increase employee morale.

Part of an organization's strength is how it takes advantage of any given situation or occasion to boost employee engagement. Valentine's Day is not away from those occasions. It may seem like something very personal or non-business-related occasion. However, it is a perfect occasion to boost happiness at work and increase productivity.

This e-book will give you insight of how to utilize Valentine’s Day to promote employee engagement by learning about:

  • How leaders could engage their teams, and what are employee engagement factors
  • How to enhance team loyalty by creating a sense of belonging
  • How employee engagement affects productivity
  • Remote work and how to design engagement activities for remote workers
  • ... and more!

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