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Google has it All

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Google has it All

"Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Google's corporate culture is a driving reason behind the company's continued dominance in the information technology and internet advertising sectors. Therefore, it's not shocking that in 2020 Comparably has named Google, the tech company with the best corporate culture. Even those outside the tech industry have heard about the perks and benefits Google offers its employees. Not to mention the enormous campus in Silicon Valley. Well, it takes more than perks to build a culture that has been number one for several years. Google does way more. Google's culture is built on several pillars, among which is Openness.

This cultural pillar refers to Google employees sharing information with one another. The company's goal in fostering Openness is to encourage the spread of essential knowledge that will help it innovate even more. For example, the corporate culture encourages employees to engage with one another at various moments during their usual workday to improve their knowledge base. Since Google is a high-tech company, therefore, it has innovation as a central pillar. In Google's business, innovation is a vital success factor. Employees are encouraged to contribute to the company's overall innovation and product development through the company's organizational culture.

This cultural trait, for example, encourages employees to think outside the box to discover or innovate novel solutions to existing and emerging needs in the worldwide market.  One of Google's essential pillars is employees' well-being. It is offering employees full-fledged flexibility. Google allows employees to work according to a flexible schedule, choose how they would like to work, and give them the flexibility within the environment to select the most suitable way to work.

Moreover, Google offers a dog-friendly workplace. In fact, in its employees' code of conduct, Google has included an entire section on dogs. Google essentially works on blurring the line between work and home to help employees feel at ease while at work. Therefore, Google puts in all the effort to create a creative and fun workplace.

Another Google pillar is Excellence. This cultural pillar emphasizes generating exceptional results in all areas of Google's operations. This aspect of organizational culture is incorporated into human resource development programs to instill a sense of pride in their work. To ensure Excellence, Google allows you to talk to experts in almost every technology subject whenever you need it. The rigorous hiring process assures that most Googlers are clever, skilled, friendly, and humble1.

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