Facts and Figures About the Workplace Around the Pandemic
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Facts and Figures About the Workplace Around the Pandemic

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Facts and Figures About the Workplace Around the Pandemic

Humanyze performed a poll and issued its 2021 Future of Work report, which includes findings and analyses of the evolution of work during the pandemic as well as employee perceptions about the workplace's future.

According to the report, employees and managers appear to be adapting to remote work and collaborating more with their teams and close colleagues since the pandemic. However, interactions with more peripheral peers outside of their close networks have diminished.

Here are some of the survey's significant findings:

  • Sixty-three percent of employees are dissatisfied with their company's post-pandemic workplace plan, up 16 percent from the spring.
  • Over half of employees say they aren't aware of their company's post-Covid-19 plans for decision-making.
  • Twenty percent of managers claim to have had no input or influence in the decision to return to work.
  • 70% of managers said their organization doesn't use any data (other than employee surveys) or workplace technologies to inform return-to-work efforts.


  • During the pandemic, 39% of employees indicated that work-life balance was their biggest issue (compared to 58% of employees surveyed in April 2021).
  • Inability to engage or cooperate with the immediate team, boss, and peers outside of their team and Leadership from other departments was cited as the top obstacle by 38% of employees.


  • During the epidemic, 25% of managers claimed "employee attrition and disengagement" was their top work challenge.
  • 17% of managers claimed their greatest work challenge was "reduced productivity and efficiency during the epidemic."
  • "Communication with their team and colleagues across the organization" was cited as the top work problem by 17% of managers.


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