LIFO® Survey/ LIFO® Certification | Phase 1 Summer 2024
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Event date: 6/12/2024 - 7/12/2024 Export event

LIFO® Survey/ LIFO® Certification | Phase 1 Summer 2024

Life Orientations Virtual Blended Certification Workshop

Discover Your Strengths and Take the First Step to Becoming a Global Life Orientations™ (LIFO®) Certified Practitioner

Are you ready to uncover your strengths and embark on a journey to realize your full potential as a communicator, collaborator, and leader?

The LIFO® Methodology offers a comprehensive understanding of human behavior. It’s straightforward and easy to grasp, yet nuanced and multi-layered, embodying the concept of "simple and deep."

At the heart of the LIFO® is the LIFO® Survey, an assessment tool that focuses on identifying strengths and effective traits in leaders, teams, and individuals across all aspects of life. This self-awareness serves as the foundation of the LIFO® Methodology, which provides clear and powerful strategies for enhancing personal productivity, increasing influence with key individuals, and improving teamwork.

By taking the LIFO® Survey, you will gain a deeper understanding of your values, goals, strengths, behavior patterns, and communication preferences. Additionally, this survey is Phase 1 of the LIFO® Certification, enabling you to join our global certification programs available both in-person and virtually. Register now to take a free survey and apply for Phase 1 of our certification, becoming part of a global community of behavior development experts

Your Takeaways

When you take a LIFO Survey you will get:

  • A comprehensive 32-page results report
  • Identify your basic orientation to life and work
  • Complete Phase 1 of the LIFO® Certification

Who Should Take It

  • Students and professionals who would like a taste of LIFO
  • Leaders aiming to improve their skills as communicators and collaborators
  • Anyone looking to achieve a breakthrough in self-awareness


June 12 - July 12, 2024
*The LIFO® Survey can qualify for Phase 1 for up to a year after the date of completion.


$0 (a $60 investment)




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