LIFO® Master Practitioner Certification – Blended Virtual Course | Jul 2024
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Event date: 7/17/2024 - 7/19/2024 Export event

LIFO® Master Practitioner Certification – Blended Virtual Course | Jul 2024

LIFO Master Practitioner Certification

Join us now to earn your Master Practitioner status and start a world of new opportunities!

What is happening?

The world is changing. So should we!

Life Orientations™ (LIFO®) Global Team is organizing the first of its kind global Master Practitioners’ accreditation blended virtual workshop using various state-of-the-art digital tools in the field of virtual workshop deliveries.


Our goal is to support the efforts of LIFO® practitioners and coaches who are actively using LIFO® now and would like to open new opportunities by achieving the next-level status to start certifying others. This will be a win/win relationship in collaboration with your local LIFO® partner. You will learn how to get business on your own while receiving support by providing leads when available and admin support to create larger business opportunities.

We will provide a conceptual map and master training technology for active practitioners, trainers, and consultants that helps improve communication skills and productivity at all levels of an organization.

Who Should Attend?

Active LIFO® practitioners, coaches, and trainers who are classroom instructors, OD Specialists, psychologists, and educators.

Important: If LIFO® is being managed by one of our local partners in your country, kindly contact the local partner first about attending this workshop. Nomination by a local partner is a prerequisite to attend this workshop.
To check if LIFO® is being managed by one of our local partners in your country, click HERE.

Key Takeaways

  1. This workshop will prepare you to use LIFO® Training concepts and materials with higher confidence and in-depth understanding
  2. Learn how to accelerate your client organization's ability to resolve differences, improve teamwork, and increase productivity by providing an internal certification option while securing a passive income from survey and material sales (In coordination with your local LIFO® partner)
  3. Learn how to conduct interactive virtual certification and non-certification workshops in a fun, well-structured, and controlled manner using the latest digital tools developed by LIFO® global team


David Glowatzke
LIFO® Senior Executive Master Practitioner

David has solid experience as a behavioral health counselor, a training director, a master trainer, and a senior master trainer in applied behavioral sciences for three decades. He has been mentored by Dr. Stuart Atkins, creator of Life Orientations™, since 1984. The Human Graph activity, LIFO® Team Profile process, and LIFO® Total Feedback process were created by David. He coauthored numerous Life Orientations™ Participant Guides, Summary Reports, and Surveys.

David has facilitated Life Orientations™ Certifications with more than 2,000 professionals from more than 500 organizations worldwide.

Stuart Atkins, Ph.D., acknowledges David in his book The Name of Your Game, “David’s teaching style has generated immeasurable enthusiasm and insight.” Dr. Atkins also writes, “David is the leading student of LIFO® Theory and Practice.

Structure & Schedule

Online course (Self-Paced) followed by three 3-hour group sessions conducted by one of our experienced Senior Master Practitioners.

Dates for the sessions with Senior Master Practitioner:
July 17-19, 2024

Starting Time:
07:00 AM Los Angeles
10:00 AM New York
03:00 PM London
04:00 PM Paris
10:00 PM Manila
11:00 PM Tokyo

(2 (two) hours per session)

Note: If you have an interest in this program but are not available on any or all dates provided, please contact us at


$400 for the existing Master Practitioner (as a refresher course)



・Cancellation Policy

  • Before July 2, 2024: Full refund (minus administration fee)
  • Between July 2 - July 16, 2024: 50% refund (minus administration fee)
  • After July 16, 2024: No refund

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