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LIFO® International Day | Jan 16

LIFO International Day 2023


Come join us in the second Life Orientations® International Day!

About Life Orientations® International Day

Life Orientations annual International day is intended to support you in your practice of the LIFO method, and connect you with the worldwide network of professionals who use this work. It is a lively and engaging event that will open your eyes to new possibilities for using LIFO and continuing your own journey as a practitioner of this work.

As a meeting of our worldwide network, this event provides opportunities for sharing work experiences from various places all over the globe where you can learn from other professionals, expand your view of the material, re-energizing yourself, and for connecting and work with others.

In this upcoming event we will focus on Building a stronger community of Global LIFO Users and on growing and maintaining a strong connection with our worldwide network of LIFO® professionals who work with the program.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn from work experiences, success cases and journeys of other Global LIFO Practitioners and Master Practitioners
  • Get updated on the new work that has been done with LIFO® materials
  • Explore possibilities for using digital platforms and virtual tools with the material
  • Learn new ideas for introducing LIFO® to your workshop participants
  • Learn new ideas for selling LIFO® to your prospect clients

Who Should Join

Coaches, trainers, consultants, certified LIFO practitioners/master practitioners, LIFO global partners, and all who love and/or have an interest in LIFO anywhere in the world.


LIFO Day 2023 Timetable

Featured Sessions

Change programmes often focus on process and systems, ticking boxes to evidence progress. The human aspects of behaviour, the impact on the individual and how they respond to their role in the process is often overlooked. LIFO™ can make a huge contribution to ensure that communication, task allocation and the impact of change are all delivered appropriately and sensitively. This session takes a brief look at some aspects of our LIFO™ change programme.

・Understanding the potential impact of change on the four behaviours
・Considering how LIFO can be used with individuals, teams & organisations to deliver more effective outcomes

Mark Erskine
Mark Erskine has used LIFO® over the last 20 years primarily as a sales application alongside Leadership programs in the corporate B2B market. He is a LIFO® Master Practitioner Trainer & Coach and as of October 2022 the joint partner alongside Bruce Rowling for LIFO™ in the UK.

Bruce Rowling
Bruce Rowling became a LIFO™ licensee in 1997 and has used the tool with individuals, teams & organisations in a variety of commercial organisations. He is also a Master Practitioner, facilitator, trainer and coach and as of October 2022 the joint partner alongside Mark for LIFO™ in the UK.

Lucy is a strategic change advisor with a focus on designing effective change interventions, facilitating groups through change, and building capability around leadership, facilitation, & communication. Lucy has been accredited in LIFO since 2022.

The book "The Name of Your Game" is an invaluable resource for LIFO Practitioners and learners. David edited the most recent version of Dr. Atkins' classic book. He will share highlights and insights included in this 160-page writing.

David Glowatzke
David Glowatzke is a LIFO Executive Master Practitioner. David earned his Life Orientations Certification in 1979, and has facilitated more than 1,800 LIFO Certifications worldwide. Dr. Stuart Atkins mentored David throughout three decades.

This session focuses on how LIFO can facilitate the problem-solving skills of people through a lens of the mental model – a particular perception or a view of how people observe things.

・Acquire knowledge about how the mental model affects people’s ability to solve problems.
・Understand how LIFO technology can be used to make people become aware of their mental model.

Akira Furumoto
Akira (Aki) Furumoto is a manager at Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon) and a LIFO Master Practitioner. Aki is an experienced trainer with a strong background in sales, being operated and managing a sales branch in the US. Aki is skilled in new business development and relationship development for start-up companies and possesses a large spectrum of training experience both in English and Japanese. He also specializes in sales and CS training using LIFO method, and successfully managed various global projects in Japan, US, Germany, China, and the Philippines.

Being a LIFO Master Practitioner and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Mr. Embaby will explore with us how these two great strength based tools can complement each other. In his session, Mr. Embaby will share insights about how can a company that is already using CliftonStrengths Assessments still benefit of using Life Orientations.

・How both LIFO and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessments can complement each other
・How to introduce LIFO to a company that is already using CliftonStrengths Assessments

Mahmoud Embaby
Mahmoud Embaby is a LIFO Master Practitioner and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Embaby Experienced Training Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Sales, and Training Needs Analysis. Strong human resources professional with an Executive Education focused on Marketing - Brand Leadership from Columbia University - Columbia Business School.

Learn how to use complementary leadership development with LIFO as the foundation. Understanding yours and others’ styles is the essential starting point. Then learn how to stay in a learning mindset and to ask “learner” questions in the other person’s style. Finally, learn how to build on style and questions to have complete conversations that lead to fewer breakdowns and stronger commitments. It can all work synergistically!

・LIFO as a foundational tool for individual and group learning
・Consciously choose effective questions to get what you and your colleagues need
・Understand what it means to have a complete conversation and to ask for commitments

Mary Vargas
Mary L. Vargas is a Director of Human Resources at Caminar. Mary is a Master LIFO Practitioner and has been using LIFO since 2006. She is the Director of Human Resources for Caminar, a non-profit organization in Northern California delivering a large range of services to support behavioral and mental health. In her current role, she has trained the entire organization from front-line staff to the CEO. Prior to Caminar, Mary worked as a consultant in organizational development, strategy, process, organizational redesign, and executive and team coaching.


January 16, 2023

06:00AM Los Angeles
09:00AM New York
11:00AM Sao Paulo
02:00PM London
03:00PM Munich, Milan, Stockholm, Brussels, Amsterdam
04:00PM Johannesburg, Cairo
05:00PM Riyadh
07:30PM New Delhi
10:00PM Manila, Kuala Lumpur
11:00PM Tokyo

4 hours

(This is a FREE event)


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