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Event date: 1/14/2022 Export event

LIFO® International Day | Jan 14

LIFO International Day 2022

Life Orientations: “The past, the present and the posterity!”

Come join us in the first of its kind: Life Orientations® International Day!

About Life Orientations® International Day

Life Orientations International day is an annual event intended to support you as a LIFO practitioner in your practice of the LIFO method, and connect you with the worldwide network of professionals in LIFO community. It is a lively and engaging event that will open your eyes to new possibilities for using LIFO and continue your own journey as a practitioner.

As a meeting of our worldwide network, this event provides opportunities for sharing work experiences from various places all over the globe where you can learn from other professionals, expand your view of the material, re-energizing yourself, and for connecting and working with others.

In this pilot event, we will focus on the future of Life Orientations. Starting with a look back at the influences, thinking, and history of the work, we will together explore possibilities for the future. Our intention is to build our future together.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight into the thought and influences behind Life Orientations
  • Explore possibilities for using digital tools with LIFO digital material
  • Learn from your network of Certified LIFO Practitioners exchanging experiences, ideas, and success cases
  • Understand and contribute to the long-term strategy for LIFO digital material

Who Should Join

LIFO practitioners, coaches, trainers, senior master practitioner, master practitioners, global partners, and LIFO lovers from all the countries around the globe!

Highlight Sessions

(Click on each of the topics below)

"What's PAST is prologue to the future"

Learn about the origins of Life Orientations® and Stuart Atkins’ journey until he first introduced the LIFO method: How did he come up with the idea, concept and method? Who helped him? What was the circumstances at that time? And many other points will be shared during this session. The session will be followed by Q&A time to ask all the questions you have around the topic.

"The point of power is always in the PRESENT moment"

For the past three years, the LIFO global team with the help of all global partners and stakeholders have been actively working towards improving the competitiveness of LIFO program and increasing the brand awareness. In this session we will hear about LIFO current status in term of virtual presence on the web that resulted of the digital marketing efforts. In addition we will share about our latest product development activities and the newly added materials to LIFO’s wide library.

In this session, we will buckle our seats as we travel from one break-out room to another. Each room would host a concurrent session hosted by one of local partners sharing success stories, experiences and their ways of delivering engaging virtual learning opportunities to their clients. The concurrent sessions will repeat 3 times to give you the opportunity to visit 3 different countries.

We will also share hints and tips of how to brand yourself and your services digitally while sharing templates that you can use right away.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

In this session we will ride on a time machine to see what the future workplace, economies and trends will look like based on world class organizations reports. LIFO global team will share with us as well what they have prepared for the future to address the expected market needs.

As we all know, “Sustainability” and “SDGs” topics have been very trending for the past five years and many companies and industries are racing to play a part in achieving the goals. Our special guest speaker will share with us about the following:

  1. What does SDGs term stand for, And what is its history?
  2. Who is targeted by SDGs
  3. How SDGs performance is measured?

Then we will talk about how every behavioral style see SDGs and how Life Orientations® can help to achieve social Sustainability Development Goals. This will give us a great opportunity to include LIFO as one of the methods that companies can implement to achieve “Sustainability”.

We will also introduce a new training opportunity for valuable Life Orientations® community to learn how to apply a strategic systems perspective to sustainability, grounded in both natural and social sciences, systems thinking, organizational learning and change, and business strategy (The Natural Step Framework).

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future"

Sit back and enjoy a memorable engaging series of fun activities with various flavors from different countries around the world.


January 14, 2022

06:00AM Los Angeles
09:00AM New York
11:00AM Sao Paulo
02:00PM London
03:00PM Munich, Milan, Stockholm, Brussels, Amsterdam
04:00PM Johannesburg, Cairo
05:00PM Riyadh
07:30PM New Delhi
10:00PM Manila, Kuala Lumpur
11:00PM Tokyo

4 hours

(This is a FREE event)


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