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LIFO Community Gathering

LIFO Community Gathering

Join us for the LIFO Community Gathering! This is a great opportunity to connect with other practitioners around the world, gain insights, and explore the power of LIFO.

The purposes of the LIFO community initiatives are to:

  • Raise awareness of the network of LIFO practitioners as an approachable community of thought leaders and experts in communication and interpersonal relationships with the market
  • Empower and motivate LIFO practitioners to use the full range of materials/tools
  • Build a living repository of knowledge and experience of the practitioner network
  • Establish an environment and culture where community members feel comfortable learning, asking questions, finding others with similar interests, and sharing useful and entertaining information and content
  • Expose Practitioners to the full range of the practitioner network and knowledge from different perspectives (not only LIFO-related but aligned with their interests)

Mark your calendar for this enriching event, we can't wait to have you with us!


Thursday, November 9, 2023


06:00 AM Los Angeles
09:00 AM New York
11:00 AM Sao Paulo
02:00 PM London
03:00 PM Munich
04:00 PM Cairo
05:00 PM Nairobi
10:00 PM Manila
11:00 PM Tokyo



LIFO Community Gathering is a space where you can learn, ask questions, connect with other practitioners around the world who share similar interests, and exchange valuable insights and content. The presentation and the discussion will impact your professional and personal journeys.



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