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The Magic of a Broken Sleigh!

Monday, December 20, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

The Magic of a Broken Sleigh!

Santa angrily kicked his foot into the snow. It was the third time his sleigh got caught up in it. He stood there staring at the sleigh while the reindeers exchanged anxious glances. Santa made the third round around it as he tried to put the gifts scattered around back in order. He was pretty worried as he was supposed to deliver those Christmas gifts to eagerly wait for kids before the clock struck midnight.

Santa lifted his hands desperately in the air as he let out a long, loud sigh. The reindeers looked around as they all heard some soft voices and giggling coming from afar. Santa took a few steps forward, trying to see where those were coming from. He stood there on the tip of his toes, stretching his neck, trying to check the giggles, when suddenly there seemed to be a blizzard just right in front of him. Startled, Santa took a few steps back as he tripped into the snow and fell right on his back. Suddenly, the blizzard disappeared, and right in front of him, he could see four enormous, big, pointed hats.

As he lowered his gaze, there stood the four witches of Adarlan. They stood there staring at him as he lay covered in snow.

Join the "biggest crossover" as the 4 witches of Adarlan help Santa to deliver the gifts to all children in the night before Christmas, and learn which of the four witches are you according to Life Orientations.

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