The Final Destination: Performance at Its Best
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The Final Destination: Performance at Its Best

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

The Final Destination: Performance at Its Best

All organizational efforts are summed up in the end with performance. Whatever an organization invests in needs to reflect on its performance in numbers. And while hybrid and remote work solutions become the new norm throughout the Covid-19 epidemic and beyond. Many business leaders are contemplating how to alter what used to be an in-person employee yearly review procedure now that more individuals work from home regularly.

In December 2021, Psychology Today reported that organizations are now more likely to implement systematic, frequent (rather than annual), and shorter reviews focused on productive feedback, guidance, and coaching to help their staff members make better decisions.

The Life Orientations (LIFO®) Strength E-Feedback Charts are among the digital tools that help that area. LIFO® version of Feedback is centered on the strengths you see in yourself and reinforced by how others view your strengths in relation to them; includes observed strengths and strengths to use more and less of. Provides a visual reference for confirmation and a way for groups to appreciate and acknowledge the differences in one another.

It is a tool for helping people understand how to work more effectively on their own or with teams. In a strengths-based organization, employees play to their strengths. And the ideal tool to do this is the LIFO Strengths E-Feedback Charts, which identifies people's unique strengths profile and has a sound and practical methodology for helping them realize their potential through leveraging on their strengths. As the name suggests, it is an electronic tool that allows those who don't like to speak up to everybody to share their opinions and get involved in the team through the digital platform, enabling team members to share emojis, texts, status, and much more.

Over the past couple of years, a lot has changed in the world and even within ourselves. After all, overcoming a pandemic has not been easy on anyone. Yet, it has shifted all priorities, whether personal or business. Like all sectors of the organization, HR has been dragged into the change. Therefore, many HR priorities need to change to match the new mindsets. HRians that are not capable of riding the 2022 tides of change will be threatened with a complete loss of talent, to name the least.


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