The Agile Methodology
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The Agile Methodology

Thursday, October 20, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

The Agile Methodology

The agile methodology was developed by software developers who were known as the “Agile alliance.”

The developers were aiming to develop an alternative method to the traditional software development processes that were available.

The goal of the developers was not to eradicate all existing processes but rather to introduce changes that would make the processes more beneficial and adaptive to change.

The Agile approach to software development is defined by its commitment to creating software incrementally or in regular increases and stages.

The approach offers users new versions, or releases, of software following brief periods of work. Those brief periods of work are often called sprints.

This Agile process contrasts with the traditional waterfall approach to software development, where developers typically compile the needs and requirements of the users and then build the software all at once. With these traditional methodologies, the completed project is released at the very end of the project cycle1.




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