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Taming The Storms Of Disruption

Monday, February 7, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Taming The Storms Of Disruption

The world around us is rapidly changing—thanks to digital business transformation—to a very consumer- and data-centric economy, which organizations must alter to be competitive and thrive.

As technology and changes are causing lots of disruption, organizations are trying hard to adapt. Hence, employees, a company’s principal asset, are the most impacted by the new technologies, causing their jobs to change, thus, forcing them to adapt and change at very high unprecedented rates.

Therefore, leadership needs to show empathy and provide employees with a safe, understanding environment that allows them to incorporate the necessary changes while understanding their worries and anxiety.

Thus, Life Orientations (LIFO)® has provided a process that allows employees and organizations to tread the unchartered waters of change until the turbulence of disruption settles down.

Find out more in this e-book:

  • The disruptive era, and the future of jobs
  • Six forces that drive disruption
  • Leading through the disruptive era
  • How organizations can handle the transition through disruption
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