Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Luring the Stars to Stay (Knowing Your Employees Using LIFO®)
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Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Luring the Stars to Stay (Knowing Your Employees Using LIFO®)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Luring the Stars to Stay (Knowing Your Employees Using LIFO®)

Successful and caring organizations are not only luring new employees in, but they are also doing their best to retain their current employees. This is expected with the surplus of jobs trying to find candidates as the great resignation wave washes talent away from big and small employers. Hence, organizations need to do their best to keep their rare diamonds in-house. Therefore, providing compensation and benefits is not always monetary. There are lots of perks and benefits that could be offered aside from money.

However, an initial step is to know your people to offer individualized benefits, as it is incredibly frustrating to receive an advantage that you don't care about! Life Orientations (LIFO®) offer a Profile Styling tool that you could use to understand your talents thus, you can provide them with their needs accordingly. Therefore, before providing benefits, start by knowing your people first.

A Sneak Peek into Life Orientations (LIFO®)

Life Orientation (LIFO®) is a practical tool that helps identify One's basic orientation to life and work. Each of these orientations directs us towards different goals and characterizes us with different strengths. It's important to understand each orientation no matter what our own preferences. These orientations contain the main game plan upon which we operate in life. If we imagined the core motives of these life orientations, we would describe them as follows:

1. Supporting Giving

His game plan is: If I prove my worth by working hard and seeking Excellence, the good things of life will come to me

Hence, an SG style is likely to be lured through responsibility, putting high ethical standards of ethics and Excellence. SG enjoys giving and working among a team they feel they positively contribute.

2. Controlling Taking

His game plan is: If I get results by being competent and seizing opportunities, the good things in life will be there for the taking

If there's something Controlling Taking enjoys the most, it's running after a challenge! Competing and being in charge is the CT fuel that keeps them driving.

3. Conserving Holding

His game plan is: If I think before I act and make the most of what I've got, I can build up my supply for the good things in life

CH enjoys being asked about logic and analytics. They would highly appreciate the planning, organizing, and details.

4. Adapting Dealing

His game plan is: If I please other people and fill their needs first, then I can get the good things in life that I've wanted all along1

Want to retain an AD? Surround them with harmony! AD enjoys happiness, people, and a good culture.


Also, among other things that most employees would enjoy is:

The Flexibility of a Hybrid Workforce Arrangement

Not everyone wants to spend all of their time at home. Some people yearn to be with their coworkers. Others, particularly those who live alone or with children, wish to leave the house for a bit. And each side has its own set of advantages. Trying to provide the two sides to appeal to all workers is definitely a benefit that even some employees now view as a norm and right.

Improvement of Well-Being Programs

Let's face it. There's no way around it. It hasn't been an easy few years. Add to it the fact that one out of every five adults has a mental health problem each year, and 55 percent of adults with mental illnesses go untreated.

It's been like that for a long time. It's just that the pandemic brought the concerns to the forefront and got more people talking about them, which has helped to remove the negative stigma.

Priorities include paid leave and mental wellness.

As a result, COVID-19 has compelled companies to assess the policies they provide to their employees to ensure that they are not just satisfying their needs but also that they are clearly defined, easy to comprehend, and accessible so that employees can use them.

Paid leave and mental health leave will be the top two leaves in 2022, according to Patz. Employers will continue to be concerned about the extension of paid company leave in 2022. Employers must, however, be aware of the continually changing leave situation. 2


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