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Productivity Booster Managerial Elements

Friday, February 4, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Productivity Booster Managerial Elements

According to Life Orientations (LIFO)®, a healthy, productive, and engaged workforce needs management that embraces and ensures:

Setting plans to provide employees with a sense of purpose. Employees need to know the goals and feel a sense of contribution.
(Conserving-Holding Style Strength)

Sometimes, management needs to adopt unfamiliar ways of doing things. Sometimes the risk will be in a new methodology. Other times it will be in adopting a new idea presented by a team member, while at times, it could be giving a task to a team member who might not have whole experience in doing the job. The idea behind risk-taking is validating listening to employees’ feedback and ideas and adopting them. Hence showing employees that we care, listen, and give them chances to do tasks that help them grow.
(Controlling-Taking Style Strength)

Management needs to compromise at times between the well-being of the employees and getting the task done. As much as you push your employees to do a good job, as much as at times, you will need to compromise when someone calls in sick or has certain situation going on.
(Adapting-Dealing Style Strength)

Leading with Confidence:
An engaged workplace needs a Confident Leader. Leading with your presence and leadership style as you build on your strengths and work on weaknesses is essential for leadership effectiveness.
(Controlling-Taking Style Strength)

Engaged employees require autonomy and freedom to do the job. Putting the proper control measures according to expertise and capacity is the right balance that good management needs to achieve. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose employees due to a lack of freedom. However, striking a good balance between freedom and control is required.
(Controlling-Taking Style Strength)

Team Player:
Part of retaining employees is helping them feel they belong to a team. Therefore, managers need to demonstrate being a team player and being part of the team.
(Adapting-Dealing Style Strength)

Employees who feel supported and taken care of are much more likely to stay as they feel treated as human beings. Managers who help employees, whether for professional or personal issues, create healthy working cultures that are likely to retain employees, thus boosting productivity.
(Supporting-Giving Style Strength)

A good manager can gather data to solve technical problems or cultural ones. Therefore, engaging employees and boosting productivity depends on collecting data and probing to understand serious underlying issues.
(Conserving-Holding Style Strength)

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