One Woman Two Jobs
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One Woman Two Jobs

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

One Woman Two Jobs

With the rise of career women, we hear the story of working mothers anywhere all the time; mothers who need to run from work to home, and once at home, a whole new job starts.

If it sounds hard enough to juggle two jobs at a time, then juggling work and being a mother takes a whole new dimension.

It is not only about a bunch of a whole new lot of tasks, but it is also about handling a whole load of emotions. It is the full responsibility to take care of other human beings who are their (our) sole responsibility.

Find out the insightful story and fact in this e-book about working mothers:

  • The history of "working-mother", and some successful & inspiring stories from various leaders.
  • Different parenting styles according to Life Orientations (LIFO), and how to understand each of them
  • Strengths that brought by women to the workplace, and why
  • Ways to mitigate women's guilt-trip
  • ... and more!


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