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Dads: Enabling Children to Act

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Dads: Enabling Children to Act

In a family, a father chooses to carry on the legacy of their father, or challenge the process with trial and error and decides what is best for this very specific family dynamics. Influential leaders challenge the old and traditional process people originally followed, and rather understands the uniqueness of their style as a person, and the uniqueness of their children. In organizations, it is not that different. You can think of how many lost opportunities, just because it has to be done the old, known way.

Give your children the autonomy in things you see they are the only decision maker. Always, communication is a key. Fathers/Leaders foster collaboration and build trust. The more children trust their father; the more people trust their leader, the more they dare to move out of the comfort zone, extend experiences and open new horizons.

Powerful leaders/fathers make it possible for others to do good work. They work to empower and enable. Exemplary leaders invest well in people’s capacity to deliver on the promises they make. When leaders enable people to feel strong and capable – as if they can do more than they ever thought possible – they’ll give their all and exceed their own expectations.

A father can tell their children that they believe in them, but not act accordingly. Another can show it in the effort they exert in dropping them off to school telling them “go get them, tiger,” or they attend with them their sports practices cheering for them when they make progress.


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