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Building on Strengths in the Workplace

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Building on Strengths in the Workplace

“You can’t build performance on weaknesses; you can build only on Strengths.”
- Peter Drucker

Talent management is not only one of the most key factors in managing any business, but also it became an important part of what a business stands for. We see how corporates thrive to be better employers, and invest in its talent management strategies to acquire the better talents and utilize them to get the best performance. Do you notice that it turned into talent management and it’s no longer referred to as Human resources management? Did you ever think why?

Modern workers, in particular, want to work for a company that offers new horizons and challenges. They yearn to do more and become more. And if their workplace doesn't provide these opportunities, they'll find one that does. This needs to adopt an effective approach for employees’ development than the traditional one, and this what makes the strength-based approach is one of the most efficient approaches in managing your talents and helps employee’s empowerment and utilizes his self-awareness to achieve his well-being, and helps businesses to achieve better business outcomes.

This short book will give you insight of:

  • Why focus on strengths, and what are the benefits of strength-based approach
  • Relation between strength-based approach and employees’ well-being
  • Questions to ask to yourself as a leader, and to those who you lead
  • 11 ways to build the strengths of your employees
  • ... and more!

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